Have you ever experienced monkeys out in nature? No? Then what are you waiting for? Pack up your children and head over to the Affenberg Salem, near Lindau on Lake Constance. Between March and October, we invite you to take a stroll through our large woodland area, enjoying the fresh air of Lake Constance and watching our Barbary macaques frolicking amongst the trees. You can even take a bag of our specially produced popcorn with you to feed the cute little monkeys. This will allow you a close-up experience of these small, furry animals. Partitions or ditches? Not here. And should our furry friends happen not to respond immediately to your offerings, you can snack on the free, delicious popcorn yourself.

Come and see baby macaques in spring

May is the most impressive time to visit the Affenberg: this is when the first baby macaques are born. We invite you to join us for the unique experience of seeing the parents holding their lively new borns tightly, whilst these innocently suck on their little fingers and watching the world go by.

Where do the macaques come from?

Because these endearing creatures, hailing from the mountainous regions of Morocco and Algeria, are greatly endangered, our group here at the Affenberg Salem is regarded as a valuable reserve. The way in which we keep the macaques here nevertheless allows them a natural way of life, safe from harm.  And this gives both you and over 200 happy Barbary macaques the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful natural setting. There is a great deal to learn: during the feeding sessions, which take place almost every hour, our workers always have a lot to report about their protégés. However, we close the park during the winter to ensure that the macaques have time to themselves, as winter time is mating time.

And should there be too much monkeying around…

…we also have many other animals here at the Affenberg Salem. Amongst others, our park is home to a free-flying nesting colony of white storks. Why not get closer to these birds during feeding times on the storks’ meadow. A live video feed during breeding season also gives you an insight into the storks’ nursery. Swans, grey geese, mallards, coots, great crested grebes and many other animals can be seen on and by the crystal clear, tranquil waters of our mere. Should you be after something slightly larger, then pay our fallow deer herd a visit, comprised of a host of does, their young, and a fallow deer stag called Emil.

Adventures and relaxation await at the Affenberg Salem

Here at the Affenberg Salem, we have something to keep everyone entertained, young and old, big and small. For the little ones, we offer a varied adventure playground with a jungle gym, slide, sandpit, swings and a balancing course. This is the best place for your children to run off a bit of energy after feeding the macaques. Of course, parents also need a break from time to time: take a seat in our comfy bar with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. From here, you can keep an eye on the kids and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. Relax under the chestnuts in the bar garden with a delicious selection of food and drink, coffee and cake. In summer, we offer a dessert of ice cream to help you cool off before you head back through the macaque enclosure with a handful of popcorn.

Affenberg Salem

Mendlishauser Hof
88682 Salem

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Webseite www.affenberg-salem.de

Email info@affenberg-salem.de

18th March – 28th October 2017
Monday – Sunday: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

29th October – 5th November 2017
Monday – Sunday: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

last entry 1/2 hour before closing time
also open on Sundays and bank holidays