The Alpine Garden is a special nursery for alpines and rockery plants that was founded by Franz Sündermann in 1886.

People come from far and wide to visit Franz Sündermann’s Alpine Garden. Born in Würzburg, Sündermann trained under royal gardener Carl Salomon. He continued his training in Graz and Innsbruck. During his three years in Innsbruck he often went hiking in the Alps as he was keen to learn more about alpine flora. He then moved to Lindau and found the perfect spot for his garden on Aeschacher Ufer.

This is where he set up his specialist nursery in 1886, and he soon created a huge collection of alpine plants. He travelled extensively and always brought back rare and unusual specimens. Today the Alpine Garden has 2,000 varieties of alpine plants, including many rare specimens from all five continents and its own varieties that can only be found in Lindau. Alpine snowbells, gentians, stichwort and rockrose – this traditional nursery is a treasure trove of alpines and rockery plants from the Alps to the Himalayas.

Botanischer Alpengarten

Aeschacher Ufer 48
88131 Lindau

Telefon +49 8382 5402


Monday – Friday: 8.00 am – 12.oo pm  und 1.30 pm– 6.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am – 12.00 pm