When Tilman Schlosser purchased an old farmhouse with 9.5 hectares of greenbelt land in Westallgäu, a quarter of a century ago, he was laughed at. Today, “Artemisia” is a comprehensive work of art that one visitor once compared with a “place of pilgrimage”. Over 300 types of herbs are planted by Tilmann Schlosser and his employees in the municipality of Stiefenhofen, according to biological principles. Plant, care for, harvest, dry: everything takes place in a hands-on way, and the visitors are able to observe the experts in everything they do. That’s because “Artemisia” is  freely accessible to everyone. The name is Latin for mugwort, the “mother of all herbs”. It is with this that Tilman Schlosser had his first “plant encounter” – the mugwort chain around his neck underlines the particularly close connection.

Those who get a chance to see the level of reverence and respect with which Schlosser works the flowerbeds gets to feel something of this energy. This is deliberate: “It is important to give the medicinal plants room in order that they can develop – but not only in terms of their effectiveness. We want to create places of healing.” In this regard, Tilman Schlosser takes it one step
further. In essence, he says in a deliberately provocative way, the herbs are only “a waste product of our work with the earth”. He much prefers it when visitors take the herbs home with them and plant them there. “When they work with the earth, they come into contact with it. The healing process begins where the plant grows.” In addition: “Every plant is a medicinal plant,” something that Schlosser is convinced of.

Next to the garden, there is a teashop with its own blends and fresh, seasonal dishes or cake. The list of events includes courses on meditation or how to stop smoking, exhibitions and readings. There is also a souvenir shop, which strictly adheres to Schlosser’s motto: “Nature, spirituality and art are the three pillars of human life.”

Artemisia herb garden

Hopfen 29
88167 Stiefenhofen

Telefon +49 8386 960510

Webseite www.artemisia.de

Email info@artemisia.de

Guided tours
by agreement
Wednesday - Sunday, 12.00 am - 6.00 pm