The canyon forest in the Austrian municipality of Möggers is divided by a path which carries the following warning, which you can also read online: “This path will chew your shoes up!” – this refers to the forest path experience and, of course, there is a certain complement hiding behind the warning. This is about going out and getting active in nature with this unique mixture, which includes biology lessons, an adventure playground and a get-fit tour. In former times, the tradesmen used the energy from the high waterfalls for sawing. Today, however, the host Georg Fritz uses the power of nature in another way. He is perfect for this position. “I grew up in the forest,” he says, and it wouldn’t be an insult to say that he looks as if it could be true – were it not for a certain twinkle in his eyes. This is true in part. Whenever the priest would throw him out of religious studies, he was drawn into the wilderness, just a stone’s throw from home. “The forest is my home,” says Fritz. And this is the whole truth. He does not see himself primarily as a teacher of all things green. “We want to create a feeling of comfort.” The 2.7-km path provides plenty of opportunities for this. By taking a look at the tree bark, it is possible to guess which tree it is and how old it is; you can swing like Tarzan with a thick rope across a stream, or balance along a hanging bridge and tree stumps; you can make music using tonewood and drums, or study poems, sayings and signs that are dotted subtly throughout the forest. After this exercise in loosening up, many visitors are so relaxed that they take a shower under a waterfall; “Some in a bathing costume, some au naturel,” says Fritz mischievously. “That’s where people cast off their aristocratic shyness.” To ensure his guests can recuperate, Fritz has tied up some hammocks in the forest, “and for the forest elves who sometimes come to visit”.

Walderlebnispfad Möggers

ab Parkplatz Schönsteinhof
A-6900 Möggers

open all year round
Always walkable except of when there is a big blanket of snow

No entrance fee
Voluntary support fee is desired:
1,00 € per adult
0,50 € per child
Parking fee 2,00 €