When the sun shines on its colourful roof and catches its yellow upper storey, it almost looks like a second lighthouse: the Mangturm Tower on the harbour promenade.  This square stone tower was built in the 12th century as part of the town’s medieval fortifications.

20 metres high Mangturm Tower

The inscription on the tower’s wall reads: “To protect and defend the harbour – a powerful symbol of the former Imperial Free City of Lindau”. The tower stands 20 metres tall with arrow slits in its walls. In the past it was surrounded by water and could only be reached via a drawbridge. This made it a perfect lookout at the end of the town wall, along with its two neighbouring towers in the fishermans’ district, the Petersturm and the Diebsturm.

It was only when Lindau’s new lighthouse was erected in 1856 that the Mangturm lost its job as a lookout and signalling station. An extra level was added and it was covered with the striking glazed roof tiles that are so popular with photographers today. Some photos also show a long, blonde plait that has been let down from one of the arrow slits. This refers to the tale of Rapunzel and is part of the storytelling events that often take place in this historic building. Whether you want to listen to the fairytales or simply gaze out at the wonderful view, first you have to climb the 89 steps up to the roof. But don’t worry, each of the five storeys invites you to take a little break. The inner walls of the tower are decorated with amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts about Lindau and Lake Constance.

Name Mangturm Tower and his meaning

Do you know where the tower’s name comes from? It comes from a former building in the vicinity: the Tuch- und Mangenhaus. In the Middle Ages, this was a warehouse for the clothmaking industry. The name Mangenhaus is linked to the English word mangle and refers to the pressing machine used by the cloth dyers.

The inside of the Mangturm Tower can only be visited as part of the storytelling events.


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