Are they really puppets? Many audience members can be heard asking this when they see the four white swans from Swan Lake dancing across the stage. Find out for yourself when you visit the Marionette Opera of Lindau!

Danicing art of puppetry

A triumph of the puppeteer’s art the Marionette Opera has been staging incredible shows featuring dancing puppets for more than a decade. “Authentic, believable and realistic”, this is how Bernhard Leismüller, founder and director of the Marionette Opera of Lindau, describes his art of puppetry. He and his twelve puppeteers bring the figures to life using the tiniest of movements.

Over the years, Leismüller and his troupe have made more than 400 puppets. Their repertoire includes well-known operas such as The Magic Flute, La Traviata, Carmen and Hansel and Gretel, and the ballet Swan Lake.

At first the Marionette Opera of Lindau only had a temporary home, but now it is the proud occupant of its own stage in the Stadttheater. Since 2010 the Marionette Opera has also had a mobile stage, so it can also take its shows on the road.

Marionette Opera of Lindau reflects its programme

It’s not only adults who love the magical world of puppets. Children are also captivated by the marionette shows. Since 2014 the theatre has been staging a show for children based on the fairytale about Giant Donogood. Bring your children and find out how a little brave Kasperl took on the huge giant.

The puppeteers’ aim is to make you forget that the characters on the stage are “only” puppets.

Details of shows can be found in the Events Calendar. You can buy tickets from our online ticket shop or from Tourist Information on Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1.

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