Meersburg has managed to do what others haven’t: some of its historic buildings and famous visitors have featured on German bank notes. The green 20 deutschmark note no longer exists, but this little town still has vivid memories of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. The writer lived in the town’s fortress for some years during her visits to Lake Constance. Her rooms are open to the public, along with the castle’s dungeons, Knight’s Hall, Prince’s Hall and arsenal.

Worth seeing town Meersburg

The New Castle is adjacent to the Fortress. It is a Baroque treasure that is also open to the public and often provides an opulent backdrop for exhibitions and concerts. The two castles stand in a vineyard; there is a height difference of 40 metres between the upper and lower parts of town. But it’s worth making the effort to walk through the steep streets. On every corner there is an architectural gem from times past and fascinating museums with amazing exhibits. The Droste Museum in the Fürstenhäusle (Prince’s Little House) and the Zeppelin Museum are packed full of interesting exhibits. Then there is the Winegrowing Museum, a Miniature Transport Museum and a Bible Gallery.

Thermal bath Meersburg

Amongst all this culture and history, of course there’s still time to relax: take a soak in the thermal baths while soaking up wonderful views of the lake and Swiss Alps. The outdoor sauna is right next to the lake and its architecture reflects the stilt dwellings that are in the vicinity.

In short, Meersburg is a fairytale place that has been the setting for a number of films. “Die Fischerin vom Bodensee” was filmed in Meersburg, as was “Alter Kahn und Junge Liebe” (“Old Barge, Young Love”) starring Roy Black and Willy Millowitsch.

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