When Andrea and Thomas Porsch bought a piece of land adjacent to the Degermoos nature reserve in 1987, nothing else grew there apart from sorrel. Today, the perennial plant nursery that was created here is as idyllic as in a picture book. Behind the wooden gate, there are flowerbeds, solitary and shadow perennials, herbs, grass, ferns, a rose pavilion, a pond, a bench under the lime tree…

But the perennial plant nursery is not only popular with customers because of the variety of plants. It is also because Andrea Porsch likes to let others watch her while she works, and if there weren’t some time for a little chat, then this job would hardly be a dream profession any more. “This allows friendships to develop,” says Andrea Porsch; the relationship with customers is something that their daughter, who lives in Stuttgart, is amazed by. “Mama, I don’t know of any other shop where the customers bring cake to the sales staff,” she said during her last visit.

The art of deceleration draws in the most varied of individuals. Customers love the specialist consultation, the children love the animals, and Andrea Porsch can also remember an elderly gentleman who always purchased exotic plants until it was discovered that he didn’t own any garden at all. “For him, shopping was a way to meet people. She herself experiences moments of happiness every time when she strolls through the garden. “For me, it’s full of surprises,” she says. And even when she has to trek in winter through the field, in snow that comes up to the knee, and she discovers the first snowdrops – “Then I’m as happy as a small child”.


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Driving the route from Hergatz to Hergensweiler, turn left after "Manfreds Bikermühle"in the gravel path

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