Good luck – we hope you catch a fish during your holiday! Over 30 different fish varieties live in Lake Constance, including eel, perch, pike and zander. Your best chance of catching a fish is to cast your line at river mouths or in harbours. But you can also be very successful when you fish from a boat.

Lake Constance fish on the hook

Whitefish is the most popular fish in the lake. Lake Constance whitefish may be caught if they are between 40 and 60 cm long. They are delicious raw, smoked, grilled or fried. This fish is the “bread and butter” of local fishermen. In Bavaria it is often called “Renke” and in Northern Germany it is known as “Märane”. And don’t worry if you see the word “Egli” on a menu. This is what our Swiss neighbours call the European perch, known as “Kretzer” in Germany, one of the most popular fish from Lake Constance. You may also see it referred to as “Flussbarsch”.

Unfortunately fish stocks are dwindling in Lake Constance because of the drop in nutrient content and the fact that the lake is getting cleaner – the water is now drinking water quality. Over recent years catches have fallen by around one third. This means that fewer fishermen will be able to make a living in the long term. Fish farming could help to meet the demand for Lake Constance fish, at least to some extent.

Information about fishing in Lake Constance

But we don’t want to spoil your fishing fun. If you want to fish in Lake Constance, fishing permits are available from Tourist Information in Lindau and elsewhere. Simply show your annual fishing permit. This permit allows you to fish all year round on the Bavarian shores of the Obersee, the Bayerische Halde (25-metre depth) and from a boat on the Hoher See (Obersee and Überlinger See).

  • Please note:
    Young anglers are only permitted to fish on the German side of the lake if they are accompanied by an adult with a fishing permit.
  • Each angler is allowed a maximum of 2 fishing rods, each with 2 hooks.
  • Tadpoles and whiting from the lake must be used as bait in order to protect fish against disease.
  • Night fishing is not allowed, apart from eel fishing from the shore, which is permitted until 1.00 am.
  • Lakeshore fishing is not permitted in nature conservation areas and from landing stages.