With the onset of autumn, Lake Constance turns the spotlight on its most famous fruit:  freshly picked Lake Constance apples. Along the lake from Lindau to Salem, visitors can get their teeth into a delicious programme of apple-related events from 24 September to 16 October 2016.

Apple weeks at Lake Constance

Perhaps you have always wanted to know how apple juice is made and what is the difference between apple juice and apple must? Find out this and more during Apple Weeks! Discover all kinds of fascinating facts about fruit growing, and you can even help fruit farmers with the harvest. Or take a look behind the scenes and see how apples are processed. There are so many different, delicious varieties. Green or red, sweet or tart – the region’s most famous fruit comes in many guises. The early morning mist, warm September sunshine, cool nights and the warming effect of the lake combine to give local apples their unmistakable flavour. Some 20 different varieties are grown in the region, including Jonagold, Elstar, Idared, Gala Cox’s Orange and Boskop.

Apple of Lake Constance

But they don’t just taste delicious. They are also very healthy, and they quench your thirst because of their 85% water content. An apple contains just 50 kcal, along with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. This is why apples are so popular in Germany. The huge demand is met by 2,000 fruit growers around Lake Constance who produce over 250,000 tonnes of fruit every year – mostly apples of course. The harvest begins with early apples in August and ends in October with apples for storing, which can actually be kept right through to the next harvest. Join us for our Apple Weeks celebrations!