The Bavarian Riviera in Lindau with its numerous villas along the shores of Lake Constance is one of the region’s loveliest areas. In the 19th and 20th century, Lindau’s nobility and bourgeoisie had magnificent houses built along a stretch of shoreline almost six kilometres in length. Luitpold, Prince of Bavaria, purchased the “Villa Amsee” as a summer residence in 1948, which encouraged the nobility to follow suit. Right up to the outbreak of the First World War, numerous other aristocrats followed his example. All of these affluent and noble buildings are now historical works of art that entice tourists out for a stroll.

A Riviera of Cultural Monuments

Particularly fans of culture and the arts will not want to miss the Bavarian Riviera in Lindau, where they can immerse themselves in the history of the city. The Bavarian Riviera, located on the mainland across from Lindau, officially became a city in 1922. In the same year, the municipalities of Aeschach, Hoyren, and Reutin were consolidated with the island city. Many of the villas are barely visible from the street and, with very few exceptions, they cannot be visited. The best way to experience them is by boat. The only way to get a close-up view of many of the beautiful villas and their overgrown gardens is from the lake.

Lindau’s shoreline is home to 30 luxurious and culturally significant villas in a variety of architectural styles. The magnificent homes were built by the nobility, either right on the shore or in exposed positions with spectacular views of the lake. The glamour of the past centuries has luckily been preserved and the buildings are still impressive pieces of architecture today. The styles of the buildings range from Neoclassical and Neo-Renaissance to Art Nouveau and variations of Domestic Revival architecture.

View of the Lake from Lindau and Boat Trips

There are plenty of possibilities for seeing Lindau’s shores from another perspective – there is much more to the region than a view of the lake. The shoreline of the Bavarian Riviera is full of beaches that are close to the mainland. Surfing, diving, sailing, and fishing? All are possible – and you will find suitable courses for many different sports in Lindau.

Taking a boat trip on Lake Constance will allow you to visit all the most important destinations as well as revealing an impressive panorama – and, of course, a view of the Bavarian Riviera. Every day, there are wide variety of different boat tours on offer in Lindau – including the “Baden”, “Konstanz”, and “Königin Katharina” boats and many more. Visitors can thus get to know not only Lindau’s shores but also the entire tri-country region of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The yacht and sailing schools and various boat houses on Lake Constance rent out sailboats, electric boats, and rowing boats with which you can explore Lake Constance on your own.

Cultural Trail through Villas and Parks on Lake Constance

Discover the cultural garden trail too! Four trails lead through numerous green spaces and accessible parks, providing a view of the villas that give the trail its cultural nature. The parks offer both inhabitants and visitors a place for rest and relaxation. Many are part of an ensemble that was once intended to enhance the beauty of the villas.

Beginning with Villa Alwind, first mentioned in 1370, past the Art Nouveau Hotel Bad Schachen, the villas range in age back to the Holdereggen Castle, built in the Neo-Renaissance style with an Anglo-Norman character. The best place to begin the tour is at Villa Alwind. Today, this villa is a holiday facility for post office employees with a public café and restaurant offering a view of the splendid terraced garden and fountain.

The Lindenhofpark is not only the most important park on the shoreline of villas, it is also a natural oasis of calm. The museum of “peace rooms” is located in the east wing of Villa Lindenhof. This interactive museum allows visitors to explore the topics of peace and justice. Not far from the lake, you will find restaurants that offer local specialties and a view of Lake Constance.

On the trail from the Art Nouveau Hotel Bad Schachen, which is open to guests from April to late October, to Villa Wacker, with its splendidly decorated gables and oriels: the only parts of many of these bourgeois homes that can be seen from the trail are the artistic garden gates visible from the road. Many of the villas and manors are privately-owned, like the Schweizerhaus built in the style of a magnificent Swiss farmhouse, which is now a residence and home to a radio station. You can, however, visit Villa Elena, preserved in its original Italian late Renaissance style.