A cold beer and a tasty snack: this is Bavaria’s answer to la dolce vita, a convivial atmosphere full of good cheer.

If you want to learn more about Bavarian culture, visit a beer garden. It’s quite simple, benches and tables are set out under the shade of an old chestnut tree, students sit next to CEOs, and freshly poured beer is handed around in litre tankards. What more could a Bavarian want?

Traditional Bavarian beer garden culture

And of course you should also sample some typical Bavarian dishes. Whether it is the world-famous Weisswurst (white sausage) with a pretzl, chicken, fish on a stick or Obazda cheese – beer isn’t the same without a snack. Traditionally, white sausage is only eaten in the mornings. But in Lindau you will also find veal sausages, back ham and tete de veau on the menu, all day long. White sausages are traditionally eaten with the fingers and accompanied by sweet mustard and pretzels, all washed down with a cold wheat beer.

When spring arrives on the warm Föhn wind, the locals make beer gardens their second home. In Lindau there are six beer gardens where you can immerse yourself in Bavaria’s Biergarten culture.