In 2021, the renowned Bavarian regional gardening project “Landesgartenschau” will be coming to Lindau. For more than 35 years, the nature-loving organisers of the popular gardening show have demonstrated how to ecologically upgrade plots of land which are then turned into public leisure and recreation areas. Now it’s the turn of the idyllic island and garden city by Lake Constance to benefit from the “Natur in der Stadt” urban gardening show.

Lindau will become even more attractive!

Lindau – a garden city? Of course it is! However, in some of the rearmost parts of the island, where the townscape is currently still governed by tarmac, man-made oases of nature will emphasise Lindau’s green character even more from 2021 onwards. “Green spaces are the cores of a city – they are teeming with life, this is where everything happens that makes a city a city and turns people into people: communication, social life,” says the society that organises the Bavarian regional gardening shows. Especially due to the magnificent villas along the shores of Lake Constance, this certainly also applies to the island town of Lindau. The municipal park, various recreation areas and the lakeside and mountain views already make the town a little paradise for nature lovers.

Regional gardening show connects people and nature

This “minor” regional gardening show not only aims to boost Lindau’s already busy public social life – encouraging the residents to identify with their town is one of the cornerstones of the philosophy of the initiators. It’s therefore not surprising that the town of Lindau with its “island garden rings” won the bid and favour of the society that organises the regional gardening shows. The “island circular route”, popular with tourists and residents alike, with its busy parks, fields and shore side paths, will now be extended by the above mentioned ring of gardens. Other green spaces will be welcome additions, especially to the western part of Lindau. Of course, Lindau’s residents are actively involved in the project and are jointly letting their imaginations run wild.

Further development and long-term impact

Former railway land and parking spaces will be used to ecologically upgrade Lindau. The town by Lake Constance is currently undergoing a major transformation in any case, and extensive improvements are planned in the course of this. The 2021 regional gardening show is therefore the perfect occasion for greening some plots in the western part of the island that now lie fallow due to urban development – and to bring the town’s residents, businesses and entire communities together in the process. The result will not only be good for Lindau’s reputation and tourism. It will also add to the contentment of its residents and inspire tourists to visit the island town due to its simply unmissable beauty. All of Lindau is looking forward to the 2021 regional gardening show projects and the associated ideas for improving the quality of life here.

Follow this link to a comprehensive Presentation of Lindau’s application for the “minor” regional gardening show “Natur in der Stadt 2021” which includes extensive details of the planned urban gardening projects.