Strap on your skates and turn a few pirouettes on the ice, or grab a hockey stick and puck and score a few goals at Lindau’s ice rink.

Ice skating in Lindau´s ice rink

Lindau’s ice rink always has the perfect conditions, whatever the weather is like outside. Although you have a roof over your head, you can also skate in the open air while enjoying the snow-covered mountain scenery and mystical lake.

Public skating, ice disco, afternoon games, ice hockey and figure skating – there’s room for all kinds of activities on the ice. Every Saturday evening from 8.00-9.30 pm there is an ice disco with DJ and disco lighting. Whether they are beginners or already experts, young skaters can enjoy the fun and games on the ice every Saturday afternoon from 1.30-3.00 pm, under expert supervision. If you don’t have your own skates they are available for hire at the rink, along with skating aids.

If you like speed, come and cheer on the EV Lindau Islanders as they chase the puck across the ice. The first team plays in the Bavarian hockey league.

Ice skating on Lake Constance

With a little luck, the “Kleiner See” (the small lake) between the bridge and the railway bridge, will freeze over when the temperature drops. Then it is also opened up for open-air skating. And just occasionally the whole of Lake Constance freezes over. Then brave souls can venture onto the ice and cross the lake to Austria or Switzerland. The last time this happened was in 1963, when an aeroplane even landed on the frozen lake.

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