Whether they are meticulously planted or wild and natural – for many people, parks and gardens provide welcome oases from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In today’s increasingly frenetic world, they provide much-needed space to simply relax and unwind. The town’s lakeside location and mild climate make it the ideal place for rest and recuperation, and its parks and gardens are simply an essential part of Lindau life.

Bavarian Riviera at Lake Constance

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the local nobility and well-off middle classes built grand villas along Lindau’s six kilometres of Lake Constance shoreline. Today these villas are major architectural attractions and their gardens form part of the town’s horticultural legacy. Today some 30 elegant villas line the lake, displaying a range of architectural styles. And they all have names as elegant as their architecture: Villa Leuchtenberg, Villa Lindenhof, Villa Toscana, Villa Wacker and  Villa Elena, which has been preserved in its original state.

Explore the town’s many distinctive green spaces – from the public facilities in  Lindenhofpark and the Stadtgarten, to the private gardens owned by Wolfgang Seethaler and Ferdinand Sündermann. Every spring, garden lovers flock to Lindau’s Garden Days, while a summertime highlight is a visit to the Lindau Dahlia Show, a private garden with 700 varieties of dahlia.

Discover parks & gardens in the region

Lake of Constance, the Allgäu and Vorarlberg form an amusing nice region. A garden Eden, some say. Not wrongfully. However, if one a little more exactly looks, one notes that it is alone oftmalsnicht the nature to which we owe marvellous sights and oases of the rest. Then one recognises that even a garden Eden needs the work of passionate gardeners. Here we introduce to you the gardeners with her gardens and parks which you can also visit of course.