Once you’ve seen it in real life, you realise it’s so much more than a kitsch postcard scene. It’s a truly magical moment when 400 sailing boats line up on the starting line at 7.30 pm on 15 June 2017 to contest the blue riband. The Rund Um, Lindau’s long-distance night regatta, is held from 15 to 18 June 2017. It is an incredible experience to watch 400 boats with their snow-white sails come together for Germany’s largest mass start, against the amazing backdrop of the Alps. Then the race begins to win the sailor’s Oscar, the blue riband.

This will be the 67 th time that sailors have come together to attempt to sail around the lake in about 24 hours. Large yachts tackle a course of 100 km, while smaller yachts cover a shorter distance. Can last year’s winners defend their title? The battle for the blue riband is decided the next day.

The race is open to keelboats in excess of 6.50 metres. There must be a crew of at least three, and of course the boat must be seaworthy. Meanwhile, for those who prefer to stay on dry land, the festival starts one day before the start on 5 June 2015. Visitors can enjoy a maritime flea market, music, entertainment and delicious food and drink into the small hours.
Registration for the night regatta can be done online using the LSC registration form or by telephone at +49 8382 4421. E-mail registration is not allowed.