Feel the wind tugging at your sails and take to the waves on Lake Constance. Lake Constance is ideal for sailing: it is a large expanse with good wind conditions, yet you’re never far from the shore, so it’s perfect for beginners and experts alike.

El Dorado for friends of sailing

Set your sails and head towards the sun! Lake Constance is an El Dorado for lovers of sailing. It offers stunning views over the Alps, fascinating cultural attractions and perfect wind and wave conditions.
The wind generally blows gently from a number of directions. There is often a breeze in the early morning, which drops around midday then freshens up in the afternoon. The east side of the lake is particularly prone to strong Föhn winds. There is an early warning system for strong winds and storms with flashing lights around the whole lake.

Sailing schools in Lindau

Whether you want to charter a sailing yacht, take part in a trial lesson, learn to sail or take a cruise with a skipper – you can do everything in Lindau. Lindau’s sailing schools are located at the harbour and all offer courses for beginners and more advanced sailors. Lindau’s sailing schools, the Segel- und Motorbootschule Lindau and Bodensee Yachtschule, both offer a range of options. You can also sail with others. You can charter a sailing boat at the Bodensee-Yachtschule or at Bootshaus Lukas Hummler.

The sailing regatta at Lake Constance

The long-distance night regatta, the “Rund Um”, starts from Lindau every summer, providing beautiful views of a flock of snow-white sails. Up to 500 boats fight it out for one night and one day during this long-distance race around the lake to win the blue riband. But you can’t just set sail on Lake Constance; all sailors need the Lake Constance boatmaster’s licence. You also need a permit to take your own boat on the lake. Lake Constance is an important reservoir for drinking water, so it is governed by strict environmental regulations. This is why it is easier to charter a boat.

Information about the boatmaster´s licence

In Germany, the Lake Constance boatmaster’s licence is issued in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. The test can be carried out at one of the district offices in Lindau, Friedrichshafen or Constance. You are required to take a theory test with multiple-choice questions and a practical test. If you already hold the licence for inland sports boats (“Sportküstenschifferschein (SBF) Binnen unter Segel”) or an offshore licence (Sportküstenschifferschein), you do not have to take the practical test. Holders of inland or offshore sports boat with motor licences are also exempt from the practical test.

However, an exception is made if you are on holiday. Instead of taking the theory test for the Lake Constance boatmaster’s licence, if you already hold the “SBF Binnen unter Segel” (inland sailing licence) they you can get a holiday licence (fee payable) for a limited period without the need to take a test.