In Lindau, shopping is simply a pleasure. Forget mass-produced goods and overcrowded stores. Here shopping means a relaxed browse through small, independent shops selling unique items.  A world away from the huge, ultra-modern shopping malls, where you can take your time to explore the town’s beautiful shops, many of them inside centuries-old buildings.

Maximilianstrasse of Lindau

On the island, Maximilianstrasse is lined with shops, but there’s so much more to discover as you stroll through the narrow passageways and parallel streets. Gorgeous, non-mainstream fashions, handmade jewellery made from lake pebbles, paintings and photographs of local scenes – in Lindau you’re spoilt for choice. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that many of the expensive-looking items in the exclusive boutiques often cost less than you think.  So don’t be afraid to venture into our little shops and take a look around!

Shopping centre Lindaupark

But if you still need a few larger stores, head for Lindaupark. This shopping centre hosts around 40 stores and is conveniently located on the main road on the mainland. It attracts people from far and wide, particularly at weekends and holiday times.

Weekly market of Lindau

Lindau’s weekly market is the place to go for fresh local produce. You’ll find it in the Aeschach part of town on Tuesday mornings, on the Auf der Lärche car park. On the island, the Marktplatz turns into a huge open-air store on Saturdays (all year round) and on Wednesdays (April to October) between 7.00 am and 1.00 pm.  Locals and visitors alike flock to the market for locally-grown fruit and vegetables, tasty Allgäu cheese, and of course freshly-caught fish from Lake Constance.  The town’s residents particularly love their Saturday market. It’s always good to bump into friends and acquaintances and enjoy a little chat about what’s happening on the island.

And talking of markets, the shopping event of the year is Lindau’s annual fair, the Jahrmarkt, which has been held on the island since 1652. Every November dozens of stalls line the streets of the island, creating a very special atmosphere. Who can possibly resist the vast array of goods, the colourful hustle and bustle and of course the tempting aromas wafting from the bakery and sweet stalls as you wander by?