If you ask Lindau’s residents what they like best about their town, you’ll get a huge range of answers.

Some people just love the unhurried pace of the island with its pictureque buildings and narrow, winding alleyways. Others love the fact that Lindau is like one big nature park. You can spend hours roaming through its lush greenery surrounded by the lake’s ever-changing blue waters. Young people love the island because it’s a hip spot for water sports, where daring windsurfers ride the waves, stand up paddlers skim across the water and guys with dreadlocks play guitar around the campfire.

In short, Lindau has so many faces  – and that’s why so many people love it. Home to around 25,000 people and with a surface area of just over 3,400 hectares – our town really does have something for everyone: buildings that bear witness to a turbulent history, seemingly unspoilt nature, exquisite shops, trendy bars and cafés. Lindau provides the perfect blend of old and new; a well-tended idyll with a relaxed, laid-back beach atmosphere.

This means that everyone can find their own “favourite Lindau”, whether it’s on the island or on the mainland. Just go with the flow and enjoy the town’s unique atmosphere while exploring everything that it has to offer. Have fun getting to know our town!

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