Are you and your board on a quest for the perfect conditions? Whether you prefer a sail, parachute or paddle, Lake Constance is the place to be.

Perfect conditions for windsurfing on Lake Constance

Its mild climate and steady easterly wind direction provide excellent conditions for water sports, and occasional low pressure fronts bring strong winds. The summer months are ideal for beginners, when the water temperature is between 20 and 24 degrees and wind conditions are generally moderate. Experienced windsurfers enjoy the challenging conditions in spring and autumn when the lake can be quite rough.

Stand-up paddling in Lindau

When conditions become calmer and windsurfers have packed away their boards, then it’s time to try some stand-up paddling (SUP). If you want to try out this trendy new form of transport, rent a board and paddle at Lindau Surfschule and glide elegantly across the lake. Standing up on the board and gently paddling is a great full-body workout. It’s a very relaxing sport that has already attracted a great many fans.

Kiteboarding on Lake Constance

Kiteboarding is only allowed on the lake in certain areas and with a special permit. Kiteboarding is not allowed in the Lindau region, but with a permit it is allowed in Lake Constance district, Konstanz district and the Vorarlberg. A permit is not required on the Swiss side, but it is still only allowed in certain areas. Permits can be obtained from the harbour authorities.

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