In late autumn the island doesn’t go into hibernation, but more of a light doze. From time to time it wakes up, springs into action, and then returns to its dreams.

Winter in Lindau

The low season brings a sense of peace and quiet that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of summer. It is the time for locals and visitors alike to recharge their batteries and take time for themselves. It’s the time for bracing walks along the shore, with the wind whipping through your hair and blowing away the cobwebs. A time for a stroll through the park, allowing the ancient trees to lull you into a sense of peacefulness. A time for melancholy moments, when the mist rolls through the alleyways, swallowing up the day-to-day noises of the town and encouraging you to take it easy. On days like these, a hot sauna is the perfect place to be. Or sink into a comfy sofa in a cosy bookshop café or visit a restaurant with a crackling open fire and delicious food.

Time for Christmas

The town is at its romantic best during the Harbour Christmas Market. At weekends during Advent, dozens of stalls and thousands of lights transform the lakeside promenade into a fairytale world.  It’s a truly magical place for buying gifts and spending happy hours with family and friends. A hot chocolate with a view of snow-covered mountains, a mulled wine with the waves tossing in the background – these are the magical autumn and winter moments in our beautiful town.

And if you finally get tired of relaxing and taking things easy, there are plenty of opportunities for some action!  Winter sports lovers will find they are well served in the local area. Lindau is the place where winter dreams come true.