When someone wants to take you to task, it’s actually not a pleasant affair. One exception is the Salzburger Stier, one of the most important cabaret prizes in the German-speaking world – and it will be awarded in Lindau in 2022.

Taken on the horn!

The “Cabaret Oscar,” as the bull is also fondly called, has been awarded since 1982. Initially a purely Salzburg event, it has been touring Europe, so to speak, since 1997.  After all, it is an international prize awarded by the cultural departments of the radio programs of German-speaking broadcasters: ARD, ORF, SRF and Rai Südtirol. There is great joy that the 41st edition is now taking place in Lindau. This is because the award ceremony will be accompanied by a whole week of international cabaret festivals on Lake Constance. In addition to the award winners, you can look forward to cumulative cabaret celebrities.

A bull with unerring instincts

In addition to fame and honor, 6,000 euros in prize money await the honorees. Above all, however, the Salzburger Stier is an important award for many artists, especially young and up-and-coming ones, and one that can do a lot for their careers. And not without good reason, because the jury has been awarding the prize for decades with a keen sense for real talent and great cabaret. So the “Oscar” for cabaret doesn’t have its reputation by chance.

Nevertheless, successful artists who are currently in the center of attention are also considered, as in recent years, for example, the German Tobias Mann (2014), the Austrian Lisa Eckhardt (2019) or the Swiss Hazel Brugger (2017). Since 1998, the Taurus has been awarding the “Honorary Bull” for lifetime achievement in the arts at loose intervals.

The 2022 award winners

Luise Kinseher - Salzburger Stier 2022 for Germany

She is intelligent and hilarious, touching and clearly analytical, down-to-earth and cosmopolitan – with these attributes, Luise Kinseher clearly won over the Salzburger Stier jury. The Munich-born singer by choice has been successful on stage since 1998. In her solo programs, Luise Kinseher breaks down the big questions of humanity to the everyday. She has already won many awards for her work. But the bull, it is just something special: “I am happy about all the awards, that is logical! There are many awards in the German-speaking world, but the Salzburger Stier has a very long tradition, is awarded by experienced cultural editors and rightly has a great reputation.” Luise Kinseher is happy to come to Lindau for this honor: “I travel a lot and have been almost everywhere, but I actually hardly know Lindau so far. A proud spot of Bavaria on paradisiacal Lake Constance, I’m looking forward to it!”

Omar Sarsam - Salzburger Stier 2022 for Austria

You can safely forget about pigeonholing him: Omar Sarsam is successful as a cabaret artist – and as a pediatric surgeon! He also plays more musical instruments than he can carry, as he says himself. For him, medicine can use just as good a dose of humor as cabaret can use a good shot of seriousness. That’s why Omar Sarsam deals with values, opportunities and the principle of equality in his programs. As an “Arab from Vienna,” as he calls himself, he has always been on the trail of socio-cultural peculiarities – in his father’s Arab restaurant as well as in the Waldviertel, his wife’s rough home in northwestern Austria. So ideally he can take away two fears from his audience at once: the fear of the doctor and the fear of the unknown.

Fatima Moumouni and Laurin Buser - Salzburger Stier 2022 for Switzerland

Their latest stage program is not only called “Gold” – it’s also worth its weight in gold, the jury agrees with the audience. When Fatima Moumouni and Laurin Buser take the stage, the blood pressure rises: (rap) lyrics full of linguistic presence of mind, attacks on habits of thought and speech, fine self-irony and lyrical explosions. So it’s no wonder that the two have already struck gold at a young age: in 2019, they won both the team competition at the Swiss Poetry Slam Championships and the international German-language championships. The multi-talents are also successful solo: Fatima Moumouni writes prose and poetry and is active against racism and in migration and gender issues, Laurin Buser works as a rapper, presenter and playwright.

The eponym: Salzburger Stier

Why actually a bull from Salzburg? It is named after a legend about the siege of Hohensalzburg Fortress, a landmark of the city. During the Peasants’ Wars, the rebels tried to take the castle. But the walls held, so the enemies tried starvation for weeks. The supplies were exhausted and only a single bull was left.

In view of the great need, the city commander is said to have come up with a ruse: he had the poor animal driven onto the fortress wall so that the attackers could see it. The following night, he had the piebald bull painted white, apparently to present a second animal the next day. The farmers bought this from the Salzburgers, which is why the
The next night, the bull was painted black so that a third animal could be shown the following day – and so on.

How many times the patient bull was given a new coat of paint before the besiegers could seriously believe that their endeavor was futile is not known. But allegedly they did indeed leave one night. And from then on, the Salzburger Stier was the epitome of cunning wit.