Lindau – The island on Lake Constance with the famous harbour entrance

Its location is truly unique: a historic island with its own distinct charm, surrounded by a crystal clear lake and lush green countryside. And all set against a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Lindau’s old town is located on the 70-hectare island itself. It is the second-largest island on Lake Constance after Reichenau, an island famed for its vegetable growing. Centuries-old buildings, historic squares and romantic alleyways give the island an almost Mediterranean flair. Set in Bavaria’s most south-easterly corner, Lindau’s most famous landmark is the harbour entrance with its Bavarian lion, new lighthouse and spectacular backdrop of lake and mountains.

But Lindau is not just an island, it’s also a town that is renowned for its beautiful parks and gardens. Despite the island’s small size and compact historical centre, visitors will still find there are plenty of green spaces. These include the town’s main park, the Stadtgarten, and other green oases with wonderful views over the lake. There are even more parks and gardens on Lindau’s mainland, including extensive lakeside areas and attractive, historic parks.

Over recent years Lindau has developed some first-class cultural programmes that have really put the town on the map. The town’s main museum, the Stadtmuseum, is located in the Haus zum Cavazzen, one of the most beautiful baroque townhouses on Lake Constance. It attracts thousands of visitors with its first-class programme of temporary exhibitions, which have included original works by artists such as Pablo Picasso (2011, 2016), Marc Chagall (2012), Joan Miró (2013), Henri Matisse (2014) and Email Nolde (2015). The classical modernist series continues in 2017 with a special exhibition entitled “Paul Klee. Between Heaven and Earth“.

Lindau’s municipal theatre, the Stadttheater , plays host to many renowned visiting shows and ensembles. The town’s Cultural Office has also recently put on some excellent own productions, which have been enthusiastically received. The theatre is also home to the unique and nationally acclaimed Lindau Marionette Opera. The island’s position makes it the perfect location for a wide range of festivals and events, both on and by the water. Highlights include Lindau’s famous “Rund Um” sailing regatta, the historic Children’s Festival, the lively Town Festival and the much-loved Lindau Harbour Christmas Market. But do you know what the word Lindau actually means?

The name Lindau means “island on which linden trees grow” and written references to the name date as far back as the year 882. This is reflected in the town’s coats of arms and seals, which go back to the 13th century. They all show a linden tree or linden leaf, though over the centuries the number of leaves on the green trees has varied between three and fifteen.