When it comes to culinary delights, you are spoilt for choice in Lindau. Our region is a melting pot for the most diverse culinary influences.
Whether traditional or modern: Lake Constance cuisine is characterized by Bavarian, Swabian, Austrian and Swiss delicacies.

Quality of life

At Lake Constance, nature draws from the full – so much beauty can not only be seen, but also tasted. Organic vegetables, fresh fish, freshly harvested apples, local wines, exclusive fruit brandies, tasty jams, spicy cheese and honey – every guest is guaranteed to find something for his or her taste.

Bars, restaurants, pubs and of course the RÀdlewirtschaften offer culinary specialties from Lindau and the VierlÀnder region around Lake Constance. In addition, you can often buy the goods of local producers at farm stores and stalls directly on the street as well as at the Lindau weekly markets. Treat yourself to this extra portion of pleasure!

Enjoy Lindau

The diversity of the local beverages also reflects the abundance of nature: delicious juices and must, award-winning wines and regional beer are the tasty end products of successful harvests.

Lindau is known for its particularly fruity and aromatic wines far beyond the city and state borders. With the wineries Haug, Deufel and Schönau, there are three Lindau winegrowers who mainly sell their wines directly to the consumer. You can also find out which of them appeals to you most by visiting a RĂ€dle – a seasonally open wine tavern.

Farm stores in Lindau and surroundings

Caressed by the sea wind, kissed by the sun: Fruit and vegetables from the Lake Constance region are widely known and popular for good reason. The fertile soils, the high number of hours of sunshine and the occasional sharp change in temperature ensure crisp, fresh and naturally tasty fruit. The path from the field to processing and sale is short – and therefore both practical and environmentally friendly. In Lindau and the surrounding area, you can buy fruit, vegetables or liqueurs and wines from the producer in many places. Farm stores and stalls are often located directly along the road or are well signposted.

Picnic to rent

Let us spoil you and enjoy regional delicacies, the good wine from the Haug winery and the wonderful nature with a view of Lake Constance during a picnic! Choose between three different options to find the one that suits you best:

Classic: snack – cheese (alpine & wildflower cheese and brie) & sausage (different types of ham), seasonal vegetables, cream cheese, bread, vegetables, bottle of wine and water
Vegetarian: Cheese (Alpine & wildflower cheese and Brie), cream cheese, tomato butter, antipasti, couscous salad, seasonal vegetables, bread, bottle of wine and water
Family: Snack with cheese & sausage, traditional German sausage “LandjĂ€ger”, bread, vegetables & seasonal fruit, dessert, bottle of wine, water and apple juice

  • All backpacks contain dishes, cutlery, glasses and a blanket.
  • Prices: for 2 persons 37,00 €, for 3 persons 45,00 €, for 4 persons 53,00 €, for 5 persons 62,00 €
  • Order: by phone +49 8382 5466 at the latest the day before
  • Pickup: Thursday, Friday: 4 pm – 7 pm; Saturday: 9 am – 12 pm; Sunday: 10 am – 11 am
  • Return: by the following day 09:00 am at the latest


Wine and fruit estate Haug Kellereiweg 19 88131 Lindau
Phone: +49 8382 5466 Website: Email:

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