For those who find the way to the sea too far, the Swabian Sea often offers good conditions for trend sports on the water: the eastern location on the lake in combination with low pressure areas often provides strong winds, which not only make sailors but also surfers happy.

Good conditions for surfers

Ideal for beginners are the summer months: When the water temperature at Lake Constance is between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius and there are moderate wind conditions, sailing catching up, starting and turning can be practised very well.

For advanced surfers, spring and autumn are particularly challenging when the lake shows its rough side. Although the height of the waves is not comparable to that in the southern countries, experienced surfers are challenged by the wind on the lake despite everything. Despite the mild climate, a wetsuit is recommended out off the summer season to protect against the cold.

Surf courses and rental

During the summer months, surf courses for beginners, advanced surfers and groups are held regularly at various providers. You get to know the theory and techniques and then you start some manoeuvres right away. Practice makes perfect!

If you want to surf individually, you can rent the appropriate equipment directly on site in Lindau. In addition to boards, sails and wetsuits, the local partners also provide valuable tips on the peculiarities of Lake Constance – the local weather conditions due to the exposed location should not be underestimated.



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Kite surfing at Lake Constance

Kite surfing at Lake Constance is only allowed with a special permit and in certain zones: In the district of Lindau, kiting is prohibited; in the Lake Constance district, the district of Constance and in the Austrian Vorarlberg, kiting is allowed with an official permit. Special permits can be applied for at the shipping authority for a fee.

No permit is required for the Swiss side of the lake, but kiting is also only allowed in certain areas.