For many people, the dog is no less than a family member – so of course he comes along on holiday. Here in Lindau at Lake Constance there are plenty of leisure activities where your four-legged friend can accompany you. Also many accommodations are adjusted to dog owners.

Ideal accommodation with dog

A holiday apartment is ideal if you bring along your dog: It offers enough space and in some cases even a private garden in which your four-legged friend can romp around. Also breakfast, dinner or walking is for many dog owners in an holiday apartment easier to handle than in most well occupied hotels. Accordingly, the offer of suitable accommodations is large: Only very few holiday homes in Lindau at Lake Constance explicitly prohibit pets – for the rest they are either generally allowed or are available on request.

Also the hotels and pensions as well as the two campsites in Lindau at Lake Constance are equipped for dog owners: There are significantly more dog-friendly accommodations than those that prohibit visits with four-legged friends.

Act responsibly

No obligation to wear a leash: Up to now, the city of Lindau could refrain from a regulation to restrict the free running around of dogs – instead, they trust in a considerate cooperation. Show yourself as a responsible dog owner and put your animal on a leash wherever you meet crowds of people or especially many children. This is especially advisable on the Lindau Island and in densely populated residential areas. Please help to keep Lindau a dog-friendly town without restrictions.

Waste disposal: As dog owner you have to take care that the dog excrements have to be removed immediately on all surfaces. Please bring your own bags or use the appropriate machines in the city area. You can find more information here

Bathing with your dog

On the beaches of Lake Constance you will often find areas that have been specially awarded for dog owners. In the district of Lindau this regulation applies: In bathing beaches, baths and on camping sites, dogs are taboo in the water – everywhere else dogs are allowed to bath together with your master or mistress.

Freely accessible shore areas:

  • Hintere Insel (near Alte Kaserne)
  • Gerberschanze (very busy in summer)
  • Toskanapark (Bregenzer Straße)
  • Uferpark WĂ€sen
  • Giebelbach
  • Lindenhofpark in Bad Schachen/outside the Lindenhof bath
    (very busy in summer)

Mobile on site

Dogs are generally allowed on the Lindau city bus. From a certain danger potential/size the dog must wear a muzzle.

Dogs are free of charge with the following shipping companies:

  • Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe GmbH
  • Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein AG
  • Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt
  • Vorarlberg Lines

Important contact information


  • Roswitha Ehrle, Bodenseestraße 22, 88131 Lindau, Tel. +49 8382 5698
  • Kleintierpraxis Dr. Martin Kamuf, Wackerstraße 41, 88031 Lindau, Tel. +49 8382 4460, (emergency +49 171 79 42 360)
  • Tierarzt Lindau, Dr. Barbara Zaltenbach, Aeschacher Ufer 13, 88131 Lindau, Tel. +49 8382 6372

Accessories for dogs

  • Fressnapf, Langenweg 34, 88131 Lindau, Tel. +49 8382 2746467
  • Tierfachmarkt Frantz, Steigstraße 29, 88131 Lindau, Tel. +49 8382 2732707

Dog owner

There is no leash requirement in Lindau, people trust in mutual consideration. Of course, dog owners should keep their dogs with them and keep them on a leash, especially when there are large gatherings of people: full pedestrian zones, public bathing areas or in nature (during the breeding, setting and rearing season).

Leashes are only compulsory in green areas in Holdereggenpark. In individual cases, a leash ban may be imposed.

Dogs are allowed to swim at all freely accessible shore areas. The rule of mutual consideration applies.

Dogs are generally allowed on city buses. Above a certain danger potential/size, the dog must wear a muzzle.

No dogs or animals are allowed in the City Museum.