No matter where you live: At some point, you have certainly already taken a delicious bite of a crisp, fresh apple from the Lake Constance region. Every year, some 2,000 farmers in the region harvest over 250,000 tons of apples. The Germans’ favorite fruit has been cultivated here for many centuries and is now an important economic factor.

Apple varieties of the four-country region

If you are on holiday in Lindau at Lake Constance, you do not come past the topic apple: Approximately 20 apple places are cultivated here in the four-country region, approximately 75,000 hectares country are planted with apple trees.

No wonder then that the theme of enjoyment is all about the crunchy fruits. So there are numerous events that give the Germans’ favorite fruit plenty of space – whether in its pure form, as juice, in cakes or otherwise creatively processed.

Some holiday homes and hotels are by the way directly beside or even in the midst of apple plantations – particularly to the fruit bloom in the spring this is a wonderful sight. Of course, you can also discover the fruit plantations on a walk or bicycle tour.




Apple Weeks at Lake Constance

Around 20 towns along the lake are involved in the Apple Weeks at Lake Constance. At the peak of the harvest season, you can experience with all your senses how varied the topic of apples is.

Watch how apple cider is produced, test taste-intensive apple creations in a cooking course or accompany a fruit farmer during the harvest.

You can also discover culinary highlights about apples in the Lindau restaurants – the restaurateurs conjure up contemporary delicacies from the vitamin donors.

Rent your own apple tree

At the fruit farm Willhalm in Lindau on Lake Constance you can rent your own apple tree. Under the motto “Rent a Apple Tree”, you choose the variety and the specific tree, and this tree will then be maintained for you by the Willhalm family throughout the year. In autumn you can come to Lake Constance for the harvest and pick your own apples. Alternatively, the fruits will be sent to you.

The project “Rent a Apple Tree” is also a great gift idea for friends and family members – for example for a wedding or birthday. There are also many other options, such as engraved apples.

Request an apple tree

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"Lindau's fruit juices"

Since 1936, premium fruit juices from local fruit varieties have been pressed and bottled in Lindau under the name Lindavia. In 1999, Klaus and Kurt Widemann founded “Lindauer Fruchtsäfte” at the site of the former Lindavia AG.

Even today, the Lindauer still associate the name “Lindavia” with their juice. With over 390 awards, the company is the most awarded fruit juice company in Germany. With more than 100 different products, the Lindauer also have a comprehensive range from apple to plum.

What is inside the apple?

Apples contain valuable minerals, trace elements and fiber such as pectin, which lowers the cholesterol level and flushes harmful substances out of the body. Catechins, which belong to the secondary plant substances, can protect against bronchial and lung diseases. Flavonoids and carotenoids protect the cells in the body from free radicals and even reduce the risk of cancer. The fruit acid of the apple destroys bacteria in the mouth and prevents the formation of tartar.

Among the favorite apple varieties of the Germans:

  • Jonagold – the all-rounder: juicy, well-balanced taste, finely sour-sweetish, broad, long-lasting aroma
  • Elstar – the universally popular: medium firm, juicy, balanced sweet-sour, very aromatic
  • Braeburn – the crunchy one in the bite: very firm, juicy and crunchy, discreetly fine-sourish-sweet, aromatic
  • Gala – the one not only children love: firm, mild in taste, low acidity with a rather sweet taste