Whether by bike or train, ship or car: many destinations in the surrounding area are within easy reach and offer you all the options for a varied holiday. Historical things can be discovered as well as modern things. Nature and architecture often form a harmonious unity. We have compiled the most popular excursion destinations for you here.

Island hopping: Lindau – Mainau – Reichenau

Visit castles as part of a group or on your own, enjoy the variety of sights in the historic cities on a day trip or discover the cultural monuments and exciting museums around Lindau.

There is already a lot to see in the immediate vicinity of Lindau, and even the more distant highlights can be easily reached from here.

The flower island Mainau and the vegetable island Reichenau are among the most popular day trips of many tourists. Once you have visited them, you can justifiably claim to have gotten to know the three largest and most important islands of Lake Constance – including the island of Lindau.

International diversity

If you leave the Bavarian Lindau from the west, you will arrive at the Baden-WĂĽrttemberg holiday resort after a short drive.

If you are heading east, you will cross the border to Austria directly after the Lindau district Zech. Bregenz in particular attracts thousands of guests every year. The state capital of Vorarlberg is a popular destination for groups and individual travelers and inspires among other things with the largest stage on a lake in the world as well as the Pfänder, which offers a great view over the entire Lake Constance. The Kunsthaus in Bregenz, which shows international contemporary art in changing exhibitions, is also a real visitor magnet.

Tips for trips for families

We also have a few tips for families: Your children will get their money’s worth on day trips to the Ravensburger Spieleland, to Sea-Life in Constance, to the pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen or on the Affenberg in Salem.

Not only for children, but also for adults with an affinity for technology, a trip to nearby Friedrichshafen is worthwhile – here, both the Zeppelin Museum and the Dornier Museum make aviation history come alive.

Trip to Switzerland

With a hearty “Gruezi” you will be welcomed by our Swiss neighbors, which you can visit on a day trip: Almost 70 kilometers of the shores of Lake Constance border on Switzerland, including the cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau and Schaffhausen.

From Lindau you can travel to Switzerland by boat, train or car and enjoy the varied nature. Do you want to go hiking in the mountains? Would you like to explore the Appenzellerland? Or take a trip to one of the charming cities and discover world cultural heritage sites?

Switzerland offers numerous highlights near Lake Constance, which you should definitely see.

The cities at Lake Constance

If you ask the locals which is the most beautiful city at Lake Constance, you will probably get many different answers. One reason for this is that the places all have an individual, unmistakable flair. The best thing to do is to discover as many cities as possible yourself and make your own impression.

The largest city on Lake Constance is Constance, which is largely influenced by its many students as well as Swiss guests who like to come across the border for shopping. A very popular place is Meersburg – the medieval old town with a castle is situated on a hillside and surrounded by vineyards. Furthermore, the picturesque Ăśberlingen, the cultural city of Bregenz and the city of the aviation pioneers Friedrichshafen should not be missing on your list of destinations.

Ravensburg – the city of towers and games – is also worth a visit.

Castles, fortresses, Churches and ruins

Also time-honored castles, palaces, churches and ruins fascinate the guests of the Lake Constance region. Those who want to walk in the footsteps of the Middle Ages are well occupied here for several days.

Real classics on the list of highlights are the Salem Monastery and Castle, the Birnau pilgrimage church, the Old Castle and the New Castle in Meersburg and the Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins in the volcanic area of Hegau. But even beyond that, there are still plenty of small and large buildings to discover!

Aviation history at Lake Constance

Aviation is a topic that fascinates and inspires children and adults alike. Here at Lake Constance, you are very close to the origins of aeronautics: in both the Dornier and Zeppelin museums in Friedrichshafen, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the development of aviation and the important personalities who promoted it.

If you want to experience Lake Constance and the region from above, you can do so on a sightseeing flight with the Zeppelin: The tours of varying lengths along interesting routes are an experience that will definitely leave lasting impressions.