A “RĂ€dle” is a seasonally open farm or estate bar where you can enjoy a snack in addition to home-made wine or must.
A “RĂ€dle” can only operate within a time frame of four months, divided into two connected periods. So if you are in Lindau during this time, a visit is definitely worthwhile!

What makes a "RĂ€dle"

What is called differently elsewhere, is called RĂ€dle or RĂ€dlewirtschaft at the Bavarian Lake Constance: Sit comfortably together, enjoy local specialties and simply enjoy the atmosphere and life – that is what these farm or estate taverns are about.

The term means as much as “in the wheel around – one after the other”. A wooden cart wheel is often hung at the entrance of the inn to indicate that the business is open.

“RĂ€dle” are only open for a few weeks a year and are very popular with locals and guests because of their extraordinary atmosphere.



"RĂ€dle" in Lindau

Schönauer “RĂ€dle”/Fruit farm Brög

  • Our own wine from the Ringoldsberg vineyard, must from our own apples, schnapps, snacks, hot souls, jam bread etc.
  • Opening hours
  • Arrival at Kellereiweg 38 with city bus lines 2 or 3 to the Schönau stop

Degelstein /Teresa Deufel

RĂ€dle Haug wine estate

  • 20 April to 13 May 2023 : open from 4 pm – closed from Monday to Wednesday
  • 07 to 24 September 2023 : open from 4 pm – closed from Monday to Wednesday.
  • Home produced wines, regional specialties, cheese fondue to “cook yourself”, live music on some evenings