The sun is shining, the sky shines in Bavarian white-blue – in such weather many visitors find their way to the beer garden. A cool, light beer and a hearty snack: that’s the taste of the Bavarian way of life. More than half of the German breweries are located in Bavaria, and Lindau also has a lot to offer in terms of this popular drink.

Lindau beer

Many Bavarian and Swabian towns had and still have their traditional breweries – including Lindau. Besides many small home breweries, there was the “Steigbrauerei” in the district of Reutin on Motzacherweg as well as the island brewery “In der Grub”. By the way, the house on the island still stands today and bears the inscription “SchlechterbrĂ€u”, named after the brewer Johann Lorenz Schlechter, who was born in Heidelberg and took over the factory in 1849. Schlechter and his family were instrumental in the development of the brewing business in Lindau.

In earlier times, beer was stored in extensive underground vaulted cellars, some of them cooled by large blocks of ice, on the Hintere Insel. Today brewing no longer takes place in the Lindau town area, but the Simmerberg brewery, a subsidiary of today’s Inselbrauerei Lindau AG, brews some varieties according to an old recipe from the island brewery:

  • “Lindauer Hell”: harmonious taste, drinkable and pleasantly fresh, made from hops and malt from organic farming in the region of Bavaria-Swabia
  • “Lindauer Insel Weisse”: Weissbier (white beer)
  • “Insulaner”: Bock beer
  • “Lindauer Radler”

The beer can be bought in numerous restaurants and beverage markets in the Lindau region, a detailed list of the establishments can be requested by e-mail.

Traditional beer garden culture

Whether to the FrĂŒhschoppen, between two moving stops or at the end of a bike tour: beer gardens are oases of sociability. Locals and guests sit comfortably together at the long wooden tables, enjoy a cool beer and hearty food. Chicken, “Steckerlfisch” or Obazda are almost always on the snack menu. The world-famous Weißwurst (white sausage) used to be eaten only in the mornings due to its short shelf life. Today, the sausage made of veal, pork loin bacon and cooked veal head meat is on the table all day long. Sweet mustard and pretzels are served with it.

There are six beer gardens in Lindau, where you can get to know and enjoy the Bavarian beer garden culture.

Lindau Octoberfest

From August 30 to September 1 2024 you can experience “Wiesn-Gaudi” in Lindau for three days: the Aeschach-Hoyren music association invites you to the Lindau Oktoberfest in the Aeschach district.

Traditionally, the Lindau Oktoberfest begins on Friday evening with firecrackers and the legendary barrel tapping. With dance and music the next days are celebrated sociably – besides the marquee atmosphere a small amusement park with rides for children and different booths attracts visitors.

In addition to the obligatory beer, there are of course other culinary delights – for example wine from the Lanz winery in Nonnenhorn. You should also try the ox Ă  la LandZunge recipe.