Do you miss Lindau, Lake Constance and the Alpine panorama? You miss the view of the world-famous harbour entrance with the Bavarian Lion and the lighthouse?
You are an early riser and want to enjoy the sunrise over the Pfänder in your living room? Then this is the right place for you! Thanks to our state-of-the-art pan-tilt webcam you can get a picture of Lindau: at any time of the day and in best picture quality. Have fun with it!


This view is always worthwhile

The view from our state-of-the-art webcam extends from the buildings on the eastern shore of the harbour basin to the harbour itself and far beyond Lake Constance. But not only the wide angle, but also the depth of field is impressive: on clear days you can get very close to the Austrian town of Bregenz as well as the Pfänder and the Vorarlberg hills!

So it’s always worth taking a look at this site – be it to say a quick hello to the lion or to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Depending on the weather, wind, clouds and sun create a picturesque atmosphere. And when the foehn makes the air clear and the view wide, you should definitely stop by. Only in fog or heavy rain and snowfall there is not much to see – but even then, with a warm drink in your hand, you can dream a little bit about Lindau and your next visit in better weather.

Weather expert thanks to the webcam

Umbrella or parasol? Rubber boots or bikini? Windcheater or shorts? The webcam will tell you what to pack for your visit to Lindau – the live pictures are especially practical if you want to drop by for a spontaneous short visit. Because of the sea winds, it is not at all uncommon for the sun to shine here when it is cloudy elsewhere.

So before you leave, take a look around and find out about the weather, visibility and the situation on site. After all, you want your stay in Lindau to be unforgettable – and the webcam pictures will certainly put you in the right mood!