Buildings with centuries-old facades, alleys full of stories…. Parks to linger, villa streets to stroll… Lonely bays with impressive views, small squares with lively atmosphere… All this and much more you can discover in Lindau.

The island on the eastern shore of Lake Constance is about 70 hectares in size, making it the second largest island in the “Swabian Sea”. With its winding alleys and medieval buildings, the old town has a very special charm that many consider Mediterranean. The Bavarian Lion and Germany’s southernmost lighthouse have been welcoming visitors to the harbor since the 19th century.

But Lindau is not only an island city, it is also a garden city. Even on the island, with its limited space and compact, historic buildings, there are parks, such as the Stadtgarten, and other green refuges, some of which offer sweeping views across Lake Constance. The Lindau mainland offers even more and welcomes you with extensive shoreline areas and attractive, historic parks.

Incidentally, the name “Lindau” means “island where linden trees grow” and has been documented since 882. The town’s coats of arms and seals, which date back to the 13th century, show a linden tree or a linden leaf and are a reminder of Lindau’s long history.

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