Whether accurately laid out and meticulously tended or colorful and seemingly rampant – parks and gardens symbolize welcome oases in everyday life for many people. In a time in which everything is becoming faster and faster and more mobile, they offer space to rest, to look around and to let your soul dangle. Lindau also has a lot to offer when it comes to recreation in the countryside.

Bright colors and lush green

For a city like Lindau, which contributes to the recreation and relaxation of the people both by its location at the lake and its mild climate, parks and gardens make an indispensable part of the culture of life. There are many green oases here – in very different forms.

The Lindenhofpark on the mainland fascinates with its ancient trees and historic footpaths; in the Stadtgarten on the island you will be enchanted by the exotic trees and the colorful flowerbeds.

Some private gardens, such as that of Wolfgang Seethaler, are also accessible. In addition, Ferdinand SĂŒndermann’s botanical Alpine and rock garden and the Lindau Dahlia Show with over 800 varieties invite you to look, marvel and buy. The Lindau Garden Days take place in spring 2021.

Bavarian Riviera at Lake Constance

The Bavarian Riviera is an approximately six-kilometer-long stretch of shore of the Lindau Lake Constance, along which some 30 villas are lined up. The magnificent buildings were erected in the 19th and 20th centuries by the nobility and the upper middle classes and are today considered a garden artistic heritage. Behind melodious names such as Villa Alwind, Villa Leuchtenberg, Villa Lindenhof, Villa Toscana or Villa Wacker are not only architectural highlights, but also exciting family stories.

Most of the buildings are privately owned and not open to the public – nevertheless, a walk along the Bavarian Riviera is worthwhile in any case: Ancient trees, well-kept gardens and last but not least the view of water and mountains will inspire you – no matter what season!

Garden Culture Trail Lindau

The “Gartenkulturpfad Lindau” is a collection of different walks in the greenery. If you follow one of the paths across island and mainland, you will embark on a fascinating journey: Huge old trees provide shade in extensive parks. Through artistically designed garden portals you can catch a glimpse of magnificent old villas. Over apple trees and vines, the view extends as far as Austria and Switzerland; elsewhere, one imagines oneself transported to England in the face of such perfectly designed nature.


Parks & Gardens in the region

Lake Constance, the AllgĂ€u and Vorarlberg form a fascinatingly beautiful region – a Garden of Eden, some say. If you take a closer look, you will notice that it is often not nature alone that creates such wonderful sights and oases of peace: It takes passionate gardeners who create small works of art from the existing natural wealth.

We present a small selection of these here – of course the parks and gardens can also be visited.

Gardens in the region

  • Insel Mainau
  • Helix Garten at the Degersee
  • Artemisia AllgĂ€uer KrĂ€utergarten
  • Permakultur
  • StaudengĂ€rtnerei
  • Mariengarten Bildstein
  • Walderlebnispfad Möggers