Lindau’s harbour entrance draws visitors from far and wide. The Bavarian Lion and the New Lighthouse stand majestically against the impressive backdrop of the Alps and Lake Constance. The town’s is renowned for having the most beautiful harbour entrance on the whole of the lake.

The most beautiful harbour entrance at Lake Constance

Standing six metres tall, the lion turns it watchful gaze over the lake. This impressive statue is the work of Professor Johann von Halbig from Munich. It is made of Kehlheim sandstone and weighs 50 tonnes. Its pedestal bears the Roman numerals MDCCCLVI, indicating the year it was erected: 1856.

View from the New Lighthouse

The New Lighthouse is 36 metres high and its base has a diameter of 24 metres. An unusual feature is the clock on its facade. When you climb the 139 steps to the viewing platform at the top you are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama. Opening hours depend on weather conditions and demand. Entrance fee is 1.80 € for adults and 0.70 € for children.

Lion roars in Bavarian

The harbour area was previously owned by the German railways, Deutsche Bahn, before they sold it to the town of Konstanz in neighbouring Baden-Württemberg. The harbour – including the lion and lighthouse – was only returned to Bavaria after a protracted dispute. But the lion has been proudly Bavarian again since 2010.

Lindauer Hafeneinfahrt

88131 Lindau

depending on weather and demand

2,10 € for adults
0,80 € for children