The current corona strategy of the State of Bavaria provides for various relaxations depending on the 7-day incidence as well as over time. All existing regulations are based here. Currently, the incidence is above 35, which is why the 3G rule applies for the most part in indoor areas. The current incidence value of Lindau can be found here.

Changes in Bavaria from an incidence above 35

3G Rule: Vaccinated (Geimpft), Tested (Getestet), Recovered (Genesen)

At a 7-day incidence of 35, the 3G rule and mask requirement (FFP2 or medical mask) apply indoors.

  • Indoor catering
  • Indoor events (public and private)
  • Indoor physical services
  • Indoor sports
  • Hospital visits
  • accommodation
  • the entire cultural sector (theatres, museums, cinemas…)
  • extracurricular education
  • universities
  • Private premises
  • Commerce
  • Public Transport
  • Church services
  • Open-air events up to 1,000 people

For large sporting and cultural events, the number of spectators will be raised to a maximum of 50% of capacity. The incidence-independent testing requirement remains in place.


  • Accommodation facilities (e.g. hotels, vacation apartments, guesthouses, youth hostels and camping): Testing is obligatory upon arrival. The negative Corona test may be max. 24 hours old (PCR test, POC antigen test).
    Vaccinated and recovered persons as well as children up to the 6th birthday are exempt from testing obligations – proof of vaccination or recovery must be presented.
  • Rooms can be allocated in future to all persons who are allowed to stay together under the new general contact restrictions (up to 10 persons from three households)
  • Indoor and outdoor catering permitted until 24:00 hrs.

Vaccinated and recovering persons as well as children up to their 6th birthday are exempt from testing obligations. 

The current incidence value of Lindau can be found here.

Rapid test options

For a safe stay in Lindau, there are numerous offers for rapid test options, which we have summarised for you on this page. The offer is constantly growing, therefore this page is constantly updated with new offers. Please make use of the corona testing facilities in your home town before you arrive.

Rapid test options


Accommodation establishments can accept guests with a negative test (not older than 24h) upon arrival. Thereafter, a negative corona test must be presented every 72 hours.

Business travellers are not required to present a negative corona test upon arrival. However, please carry a confirmation of your business trip with you.

The corona-related curfew (previously 01:00) is no longer applicable. In the future, there will no longer be a mask requirement in open-air gastronomy. In closed rooms, the 3G regulation applies as well as a general mask obligation. The mask can be removed in the square.

General upper limit of persons no longer applicable since 2 September 2021. However, new restrictions can be decided at traffic light level yellow or red. Previous upper limits for people at private and public events will also be abolished.

Face-to-face teaching for all school types with min 2 tests per week. Compulsory masks (medical face masks) for pupils from year 5 onwards on the school premises and in the lunchtime supervision. The mask requirement can be waived in physical education.

Day care centres are open. Child-friendly test offers at daycare centres.

Der Groß- und Einzelhandel ist allgemein geöffnet. Dienstleistungen mit körperlicher Nähe zum Kunden mit Kontaktdatenerhebung sind erlaubt. Für Dienstleistungen gelten die 3G-Regeln.

Previous upper limits for persons for private and public events are no longer applicable.

In future, rehearsals in the music and theatre sector will be possible indoors and outdoors without a fixed upper limit of people. The maximum number of possible participants depends on the size of the available space (with minimum distance according to the hygiene frame concept).

New regulations for fully vaccinated and recovered

Since 6 May 2021, Bavaria has placed fully vaccinated and recovered persons on an equal footing with persons who have tested negative. These are exempt from the general contact restriction, the curfew and the quarantine obligation. However, this does not apply to the special visiting and protection regulations in hospitals, care facilities, old people’s homes, etc.

Who is considered fully vaccinated?

  • have been vaccinated with a vaccine licensed in the European Union,
  • have a vaccination certificate in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish or in an electronic document, and
  • who have been vaccinated for at least 14 days since the final vaccination.

Who is considered to be recovered?

  • who has evidence of previous SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, or in an electronic document,
  • where the underlying test has been performed by PCR, and
  • the test was carried out at least 28 days, but not more than six months, ago.

Border traffic in the border triangle

The whole of Austria is no longer considered a risk area. Hikes, day trips, museums, etc. or longer stays are allowed in Austria. The following must be observed:

3G-Rule on arrival YES
Entry form required NO
Quarantine after entry into Austria NO

Certificates of vaccination or recovery must be in German or English. Children under 12 exempt from mandatory testing.

The 3-G rule also applies to travelers for short stays of less than 24 hours in Austria:

3G-Rule on arrival YES
Entry form required NO

When returning to Germany, there is currently no testing requirement for stays of less than 24 hours.

For persons who have been in Austria for a longer stay than 24h, the following applies:

3G-Rule on arrival YES
Entry form required NO
Quarantine after entry into Germany NO

German nationals can travel to and through Switzerland. Only random border controls take place. The following applies upon entry:

3G-Rule on arrival NO (Exception: air passengers)
Entry form required NO (Exception: air passengers)
Quarantine in Switzerland NO

The following applies to the return of tourists from Switzerland to Germany:

3G-Rule on arrival YES
Entry form required NO

mask obligation – FFP2 or medical masks

When visiting Lindau, please observe the mask requirement in the following areas:

  • on meeting and traffic areas, especially in lifts, corridors, canteens and entrances, at the workplace,
  • where the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be reliably maintained
  • in commercial and service establishments, in wholesalers and retailers
  • in doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries
  • in all schools and educational establishments, including during lessons
  • in local public transport in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg
  • when shopping
  • it is recommended to wear a mask on boat jetties

It is generally recommended to wear a mask wherever the minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained. 

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We know that these new restrictions involve a lot of sacrifice and loss – probably everyone wishes things were different at the moment…. Nevertheless, please try to make the best of the situation. Stay confident, stay solidary and empathetic and above all: stay healthy.

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