Camping on Lake Constance offers the perfect combination of holiday and adventure: you are in the middle of nature and can barbecue every day throughout the holidays while the children romp across the meadow. At the same time, nowadays you hardly have to do without the comfort of “fortified” accommodation: Thanks to rentable mobile homes and caravans, even as a camper you sleep in real beds. Of course, only if you want to – there are also dozens of campsites for tent lovers at Lake Constance.

Campsites at Lake Constance

Camping used to be seen as a cheap alternative to “real” holidays, as holiday fun for young people and ambitious cyclists. It was no different at Lake Constance. Admittedly: Camping is indeed cheaper than spending the night in a hotel, and many young people still like to camp at the many campsites near us at Lake Constance when they are on cycling tours or sightseeing.

In the meantime, these camping professionals with sleeping bag and tent on the luggage rack no longer make up the lion’s share among our campers: More and more families with children of all ages and also active campers over 60 can be found on the Lake Constance campsites, which now offer all the comforts you could wish for.

These include kiosks and sometimes even butchers and bakers, as well as clean showers and toilets at all times, which also offer the necessary privacy. Many of the larger campsites also offer sports and entertainment programmes and, of course, plenty of barbecue facilities. With Lake Constance right on the doorstep, many campsites also have their own bathing beach – so you can keep an eye on your children right from your accommodation and don’t have to worry about them all the time.

Mobile home and caravan at Lake Constance

For those who can’t do without four walls around them, but still want to have that camping feeling, you can find the option of renting a caravan or mobile home at many campsites. These are usually small, but still cosy and offer enough space in a small area for a large dining table, a private bathroom with toilet and shower, a kitchenette and comfortable beds.

The advantage, especially for families, is obvious: you don’t need to lug around your own camping equipment for three to five people and you have all the time in the world in the morning in your own bathroom. You are protected from all weathers and sleep in real beds at night instead of on a sleeping mat in a sleeping bag.

And yet: as soon as you open the door, you’re standing right in the grass, surrounded by the unspoilt nature of Lake Constance, with the next excursion destination just around the corner. Renting a mobile home or caravan on a campsite is therefore the perfect mix of a classic family holiday in a holiday home and adventure.

Lake Constance Camping with Dog

For dog owners, camping is a great alternative to hotels or holiday flats: four-legged friends in particular enjoy being outside and in the fresh air all the time, and some campsites on Lake Constance are considered so pet-friendly that man’s best friend will find plenty of playmates here. Your dog is also welcome at camping in Lindau, both at Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof and at Park-Camping Lindau.

However, you should always abide by the rules of your chosen campsite: Many camping fans are afraid of dogs and where you are not a common sight, there is usually a strict leash requirement. If you don’t want that, you should look for the right campsite. A short phone call or email to the campsite operator will clarify whether you and your desired campsite are a good match.

5-star camping on Lake Constance

What many people do not know: Just like hotels, campsites also have star categories, which are awarded by the BVCD e.V. and the German Tourism Association e.V. (DTV). (DTV). A 5-star campsite is the equivalent of a 5-star hotel and, in addition to clean sanitary facilities, also offers lots of extras from a reception that is always accessible to toilets and showers for the disabled. But above all, 5-star campsites offer first-class comfort.

Unlike hotels, you don’t have to spend all your savings on a 5-star campsite – the price advantage over classic accommodation still applies to upmarket camping. Around Lake Constance you will find various 5-star campsites, which, in addition to the comfort that this category offers, are often located directly on the lake. So you actually only have to leave the campsite on holiday for excursions.

5-star camping is especially great for the little ones: campsites such as Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof offer programmes for all age groups from 3 to 16. These include craft sessions, changing sports programmes, children’s discos, canoe trips and geocaching, a scavenger hunt with GPS coordinates in nature that is particularly popular here at Lake Constance.