A holiday flat is ideal for a family holiday on Lake Constance: you have a kitchen, usually a large dining table and plenty of space to spread out without disturbing other guests. On the other hand, there are usually even more holiday flats around, so despite the peace and quiet of your own flat, you are never alone and can quickly make friends. In addition, many holiday flats have washing machines and dryers – parents of small children know exactly how much this can be worth on holiday.

The advantages of a holiday flat on Lake Constance

If you choose a holiday flat on your Lake Constance holiday, you know exactly what you want: the comfort of a real flat and absolute freedom. You don’t have to stick to breakfast times, can sleep in at any time and have exactly the food you feel like in the fridge. This is not only great for families, but is also appreciated by groups of friends going on holiday together or clubs on an annual outing.

For many, one of the most important points when deciding on a holiday flat: the cost factor. Even for a luxury holiday flat of the highest class, you will not pay more per week at Lake Constance than for a 3 to 4-star hotel. The more family members or friends you have with you, the cheaper it will be in comparison.

However, it is rare to find holiday flats for weekend trips. For the landlords, the short holiday is simply not worth it, and the flat would probably be empty for half a week. It is therefore better to book a guesthouse or a hotel for a short trip over the weekend.

Find the right holiday flat on Lake Constance

However, it is all the more important that you find exactly the holiday flat that suits you and your friends or family. Do you want to live directly by the lake? Do you need a small garden for barbecues and for the children to play in? How much do you value a lake view on holiday? And how much should the holiday home cost? You will find holiday flats for every budget at Lake Constance, from surprisingly inexpensive to upscale luxury.

Our tip: First think carefully about where you want to go to Lake Constance, whether Germany, Austria or Switzerland, whether Lindau or Constance. There are beautiful holiday flats for every taste everywhere. Once you have decided on a holiday destination, start looking for the right place to stay for you and your loved ones.

Holiday flats directly on Lake Constance

Many people dream of an idyllically located holiday flat directly on Lake Constance: simply get up in the morning, have breakfast in your own garden on the terrace and then hop straight into the lake without leaving the premises. A dreamlike idea that can be realised especially in the towns and districts directly on the shores of the lake.

For some, however, the lake view of a holiday flat is enough to make a holiday in the Vierländer region unforgettable. Those who sit comfortably on the balcony or terrace in the evening and enjoy Lake Constance at dusk usually do not need a beach to remember this successful holiday for a long time.

Lake Constance Holiday Apartments with Dog

Holiday flats are also ideal for dog owners: you can offer your dog exactly the same freedom in the flat as you do at home; you don’t always have to walk him unnecessarily through the lobby or put him on an extra leash for the short way outside. Holiday flats in the direct vicinity of the lake or the forest also offer the possibility to go on an excursion into nature or have fun swimming at any time. However, make sure that you also explicitly book a dog-friendly holiday flat so that you don’t get a surprise when you arrive. By the way, dogs are also welcome in many holiday flats on Lake Constance that do not advertise this separately: A short phone call will help to clarify the situation.

Luxury holiday flats on Lake Constance

A cosy flat right on Lake Constance, that’s a wonderful idea for many – yet they may long for the luxury of a hotel, laundry service and breakfast, and the incomparable comfort of a 4- or 5-star suite. But who actually says you can’t have both?

No one! Many holiday homes are in close proximity to great restaurants, so you never actually have to cook if you don’t want to. Various luxury holiday homes on Lake Constance are now also equipped with their own saunas and offer a laundry service. Comfort features such as W-LAN or cable TV are almost a matter of course.