Accommodation at Lake Constance – for most holiday guests this is synonymous with a hotel. Unlike in holiday flats, inns or guesthouses, there is an all-round feel-good service here, the room is tidied, the laundry is done on request, breakfast and dinner are served directly on site. Nevertheless, there are big differences between the Lake Constance hotels.

Lake view hotels on Lake Constance

Breakfast directly on Lake Constance, with a view of the sea-like water disappearing into the horizon, the waves lapping gently against the beach; afterwards a massage and in the evening watching the setting sun reflected in the lake while enjoying a candlelight dinner on the balcony of your own room – wouldn’t that be nice?

Of course, not every hotel room on Lake Constance has a view of the lake – that would be quite a miracle in terms of construction. But if you look for a hotel directly on the lake and treat yourself to a room with a beautiful view, you can really enjoy the full range of the breathtaking panorama.

An insider tip among lake view fans is the town of Hagnau on Lake Constance. It is situated on a steep slope and therefore offers a particularly great and wide view over the lake. Of course, you can also enjoy it in many Lindau hotels directly on the lake or on the famous Pfänder – which even has its own cable car.

4-star hotels on Lake Constance

As one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany, Lake Constance naturally has plenty of 4-star hotels. A hotel category that many guests prefer when they simply want to treat themselves, but still don’t want to blow their entire savings. But what does that actually mean, 4 stars?

The star rating of a hotel is determined by points that the hotel receives for certain additional services. In addition, the hotel must meet minimum criteria depending on the category. In the 4-star range, the so-called First Class, these are, for example, a reception that is available around the clock, Ă  la carte restaurants, internet access and a breakfast buffet.

So if you book a 4-star hotel on Lake Constance, you can be sure that comfort and pure relaxation await you, regardless of whether it is a wellness or family hotel. By the way, the addition “superior” means that the hotel is particularly outstanding in the respective category – 4 stars superior is almost as good as 5 stars.

Lake Constance - Family hotels

Families traditionally prefer holiday flats for their holidays on Lake Constance. Sure: plenty of space, washing machine, your own kitchen and all that at a good price. However, you will also find many hotels that have specialised in families with children of all ages.

This often includes childcare services so that mum and dad can have time for themselves. Other hotels go in the opposite direction and combine the best features of a hotel and holiday flats: Family flats offer the space and possibilities of their own flats and the comfort of a hotel room. Such a flat is available, for example, at the Landhotel MartinsmĂĽhle in Lindau on Lake Constance.

Hotel search at Lake Constance with dog

For many holidaymakers on Lake Constance, a dog is an important member of the family – and you don’t just give it away to the animal shelter during your holidays. So you need a dog-friendly hotel, of which there are fortunately many on Lake Constance. But even many hotels that don’t explicitly say “Dogs welcome” on the front door do allow pets. In many cases, it’s worth asking by phone or e-mail.

On excursions, you should not simply let your dog jump into the water at every stretch of beach. Often, special areas of Lake Constance are set aside for visitors with pets. Also, always carry a leash with you: although man’s best friend is welcome in many places, leashes are compulsory – on Mainau Island, for example. On the other hand, dogs travel free of charge on Lake Constance boats at all times.

Lake Constance - Wellness Hotels

Our hotels offer wonderful views of Lake Constance and the mountains and all around beautiful nature – pure peace and quiet, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. What could be more natural than to recover from the stress of work on a wellness holiday right here?

The wellness hotels and spa temples on Lake Constance offer breathtaking comfort for this purpose: massages ranging from Ayurveda and hot stone variants to the somewhat firmer Thai massage. Herbal and relaxing baths await you and, of course, many wellness hotels also have sauna landscapes and whirlpools.

The pool landscapes are particularly popular here: swim a round in the well-tempered water and then relax in the lounger with a view of Lake Constance – that is pure relaxation.