In 2021 the opera “Rigoletto” by Guiseppe Verdi will be performed on the world’s largest lake stage. Secure your tickets now for this extraordinary performance at the Bregenz Festival!

Verdis Opera "Rigoletto"

Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “Rigoletto” is an impressive work in three acts. Francesco Maria Piave wrote the libretto after Victor Hugo’s “Le Roi s’amuse” (1832). Guiseppe Verdi’s stirring music conquered the world: “La donna è mobile” is in all ears.

As court jester, Rigoletto was amused by the liberal life of his duke, whom he actively supported in his conquests. However, his laughter at the angry Monterone, who sees his daughter dishonoured by the Duke, gets stuck in his throat when the Duke curses him. Without his knowledge, Rigoletto becomes an accomplice in the kidnapping of his own daughter Gilda, whom he keeps locked up protectively at home.

She sees the Duke’s affection as a way out of her father’s care. But her father has hired a murderer to put a definitive end to the Duke’s selfish love affairs. But when Rigoletto wants to throw the cloaked corpse into the water, he once again hears his cynical credo “La donna è mobile” and fears for his daughter’s life…

Fascinating stage design

The giant clown’s head, whose peaceful face can turn into a lecherous misogynist and a screaming grimace. The glowing captive balloon from which Gilda is abducted after her love aria “Caro nome”… The unscrupulous and seductive duke with his entourage of daring acrobats… The spectacular pictures of the “Rigoletto” production on the lake stage have been sent around the world since its premiere in 2019.

The work of art was created by director and stage designer Philipp Stölzl. He makes Giuseppe Verdi’s gripping music visible and presents “Rigoletto” as a stirring drama on the lake stage, combining circus-like activity and intimate chamber play.

Stölzl became known through music videos for Rammstein and Madonna and shot films such as “Nordwand”, “Der Medicus” and “Winnetou”. Celebrated as an opera director at the Salzburg Festival, the Vienna Theatre and the State Operas in Berlin, Dresden and Munich, a long-held dream came true for him with the production of Rigoletto on the lake stage.

By boat to the lake stage

Let yourself be inspired by the 2021 game on the lake: tickets for the Bregenz Festival and for the boat trip to Bregenz and back can be obtained at the Lindau Tourist Information Office at Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1.

Start the festival evening glamorously on board the “MS Schwaben” and be taken in style directly to the lake stage. The festival ship departs on all performance days of “Rigoletto” at 19:30 in the Lindau harbour and at 19:55 at the Hotel Bad Schachen. You will reach the Seebühne Bregenz at around 8:20 pm, so that you will have enough time to enjoy the stage set, the lake and the evening sun. The return journey to Lindau will take place after the end of the performance (arrival in Bad Schachen at approx. 00:15 hrs, arrival in Lindau harbour at approx. 00:30 hrs).

Rigoletto Trailer 2021


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2022 and 2023: Madame Butterfly

When the 2021 festival summer comes to an end, the elaborate stage set of “Rigoletto” in Lake Constance will be dismantled.

At that time everything is already prepared for the next act: in 2022 and 2023 Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly” will be performed. Here, too, you can already look forward to a unique, spectacular and detailed stage design and a fascinating production.