Every year from mid-August onwards, a fascinating, colorful sea of flowers awaits visitors on an area of around 13,000 square meters on BĂŒchelewiesweg in the Lindau district of Reutin.


More than 7,000 dahlias shine

Since the year 2006 there is the “Dahliengarten” between Lindau-Reutin and Streitelsfingen. It began as a small hobby and has now become an important component of the Lindauer garden landscape became: The Lindauer Dahlienschau presents over 7.000 plants.

Around 800 dahlia species from all over the world, some of them more than two meters high, can be admired there – from pale pink to purple, from yolk yellow to mottled pink and white, from the famous Australian “Emory Paul” to the yellow-fringed, red “Sombrero”. The diameter of the dahlia flowers can be up to 30 centimeters. Depending on the time of day and light, they appear in different color nuances.

Even if you want to get to know “Princess Irene of Prussia”, “Otto Waalkes” or “Stefanie Hertel”, you have come to the right place: Some of the dahlia varieties have prominent names.

From allotment garden to excursion destination

Initiator of the Lindau dahlia show is Stefan Seufert. Together with Sven Baumeister, he began growing dahlias as a hobby on the edge of an allotment garden in 2006. From an initial 60 plants, the plant grew rapidly in the following years and attracted more and more visitors – until it finally had to move to a much larger plot of land. Today, the Lindau Dahlia Show is an important part of the Garden City of Lindau and a popular destination for locals, vacationers and garden lovers.

However, Seufert’s dahlia exhibition is also associated with a lot of hard work and diligence. Since the dahlia is not a hardy plant, he and his helpers dig all the tubers out of the ground by hand every year before the cold season sets in and put them back outdoors in May of the following year.

Dahlia gardener with passion

Actually Stefan Seufert is a graphic artist by profession, but in the meantime one knows him better as initiator, heart and head of the Lindauer Dahlienschau. His site is more than a garden – there is a lot of passion and expertise in this project.

The Lindauer Dahlienschau is also a heart-felt project, where young people have the chance to grow on a challenge. Here they can develop creativity, learn to take on responsibility and experience how much joy it can bring to other people. In short, the Lindau dahlia show is proof that together as a team you can do almost anything.

Information for Visitors

  • Open from 13. August to the end of October daily from sunrise to sunset
  • Admission 8,00 € per person, children up to 12 years free, for groups of 25 or more 7,00 € per person
  • Individual guided tours possible by arrangement
  • Parking for cars directly in front of the site
  • City bus line 1 Oberhochsteg to the stop Lugeck, then approx. 10 minutes on foot through Oberreutiner Weg to the BĂŒchelewiesweg junction
  • Since there are no paved paths, sturdy footwear is recommended
  • In dry weather the paths are also accessible with a wheelchair
  • Since it concerns a private property, any liability is excluded
  • Arrival by coach not possible – please contact Mr. Seufert in advance


Lindauer Dahlienschau 88131 Lindau
Website: Email:

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