Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Tourist tax

Holiday guests, who are staying in Lindau for health and recreation between 1st April and 31st October are subject to tourism tax. People travelling for business and people attending conferences and conventions are not subject to the tourism tax. Children under the age of six are also not subject to the tax.

For people over the age of six and under the age of 16, the tourism tax is € 1.30 per night. People over the age of sixteen pay € 2.00 per night.

People with a disability level of over 50% receive a 50% reduction. To receive this reduction, the person with the disability must present their disability card or certification documenting their disability level at their place of accommodation. If the disability card or certification indicates that the person requires constant accompaniment, the relevant carer will also receive this reduction.

The tourism tax is included on the bill at your accommodation and then paid to the city of Lindau.

In some of Reutin, a district of Lindau with a predominantly commercial structure, there is no tourism tax. And for that reason, guest passes are not issued there. You can see exactly which areas the tax applies to here (link in German)

Arrival, parking and getting around when you are here

Lindau is in Bavaria, but you are still allowed to travel by train to Lindau on your Baden-Württemberg Ticket. The ticket is also valid for journeys from Lindau towards Friedrichshafen by train. The Baden-Württemberg-Ticket is not valid in the Lindau city bus.

The DB Bayern Ticket is valid on Lindau's town buses but not the DB Baden-Württemberg Ticket. The DB Bayern Ticket is valid for trains to Nonnenhorn.

On the island of Lindau you will find public bike stands and luggage lockers on Sina-Kinkelin-Platz (next to the children's playground) and on platform 1 at the main station. There are other bike stands on Alfred-Nobel-Platz (entry in Ludwigstraße), at the Inselhalle, at the entrance to Maximilianstrasse, in Schafgasse and in the Marktplatz.

Lindau's main station is in the centre of the island, close to the harbour and a few steps from the old town.

Cars are allowed onto the island, but please note that campervans and caravans are permitted.

Campervans and caravans are allowed to park in the P1 Blauwiese car park. You can park there for a maximum of 34 hours. But please note that campervans and caravans are not allowed on the island.

Lindau has three long-stay car parks: P1 Blauwiese, P3 Karl-Bever-Platz and P5 Seeparkplatz.
A day ticket on P1 costs €5, while P3 and P5 both cost €8. Alternatively you can buy a 3-month season ticket for €60.
You can buy season tickets from the machines on P1 with a card or they are available from the council office. For P3 and P5 you can buy a ticket from the car park office in the Inselhalle. The annual park ticket for P3 und P5 costs €200.

Leisure activities

You can swim on the west side of the island at Seeparkplatz P5 and between Sternenschanze and Karlsbastion. Alternatively there is the Römerbad pool, but you have to be a member to use it.

You need a fishing permit to fish in Lake Constance. If you have a blue annual fishing permit you can pick up a local permit at Tourist Information. This permit allows you to fish all year round on the Bavarian shores of the Obersee, the Bayerische Halde (25-metre depth) and from a boat on the Hoher See (Obersee and Überlinger See).

Foreign guests have to obtain a fishing license from the respective municipality before acquiring a permit (approximately € 22.50). This permit is valid for a period of 3 months and can be split up into different periods. It can be bought in the city administration Lindau in the citizen office.

You can buy a fishing permit in Lindau at the following places:
Tourist Information Lindau, Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1 (opposite the main station), Tel.: +49 8382 260030
Park Camping Lindau am See, Fraunhoferstrasse 20, Tel.: +49 8382 72236

It is prohibited to light any kind of fire anywhere on the Bavarian side of the lake. Barbecuing is only allowed in specifically designated places with a permanent barbecue pit. In Lindau there is a public barbecue in Wäsen (by the Lindau-Zech marina) and on the Zech lakeshore (on the edge of the Parkcamping campsite).


The lost-and-found office in the Bregenzer Straße 12 is open:

Monday – Friday: 7.30 am – 12.30 am
Wednesday: 2.00 pm – 5.30 pm
and by agreement

Dogs are allowed on all public lakeshore areas.


Purchases made by Swiss citizens in Germany can be exempted from VAT. Because the VAT you have paid in Germany will be paid back to you in Switzerland, you must have a permanent residence in Switzerland. For this you first need an export form (Ausfuhrschein). You can download this from the link below and print it out (form in German). Fill in your name, address and your ID number and attach the receipts for the goods purchased.

The final step is having the export form stamped. To do so, proceed to the German customs office in Friedrichshafen at the ferry pier to Romanshorn or in Konstanz and present the export form and your identity card. Then you have to present your goods at the Swiss customs office if the value exceeds 300 CHF.

(All data given according to the sources indicated.)

With LINDAU free Wifi we offer you the possibility to surf the Internet for free at the Lindau harbour promenade. The Wifi hotspot is next tot the Mangturm and covers a radius of about 150 metres.

Other options:
Lindauer Telefonzentrale & Internetcafé, Bahnhofplatz 8, Tel.: +49 8382 9431297
Kaffeemacher (in Lindaupark), Kemptener Straße 1, Tel.: +49 8382 943716
Stadtbücherei Lindau, Maximilianstr. 52 (closed Mondays), Tel.: +49 8382 2747470

You will find a Rewe-Markt in the Zeppelinstraße and a branch of Netto in the basement of the outlet store at Marktplatz 5. Otherwise the island has butchers and bakers, a health food shop and a organic food shops.

It depends. Some shops stay open till midday on Saturdays, others till 4.00 pm and one or two until 6.00 pm.

The Rewe-Markt in the Zeppelinstraße and a branch of Netto at Marktplatz 5 have opened until 8.00 pm.


The Church of St Peter on Schrannenplatz is open all day every day.

The ground floor of the Old Town Hall houses the Library of the Former Imperial City (entrance on Reichsplatz) and is open from 28 March to 25 October 2015 daily from 2.00-5.30 pm (from 14 September 2015 it is closed on Mondays).
Admission is free.

Academic visitors should contact the Town Archive (Maximilianstrasse 52, Tel.: +49 8382 2775960) at least three working days before their planned visit.
The council chamber on the first floor is not open to the public.

Actually, there is no connection between the two. The tower's name comes from a former building in the vicinity: the Tuch- und Mangenhaus. In the Middle Ages, this was a warehouse for the clothmaking industry. The name Mangenhaus is linked to the English word “mangle” and refers to the pressing machine used by the cloth dyers.

The New Lighthouse is open from 31 March from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm at the latest, but only when the weather is good.
Admission is €1.80 for adults and €0.70 for children.
There is no reduction for groups or school groups