City of Lindau

  • a total of about 27,300 inhabitants on 3,300 hectares:
    • approx. 24,700 inhabitants on the mainland (approx. 12 kilometres along the shore of Lake Constance)
    • approx. 2,600 inhabitants on the Lindau Island (approx. 70 hectares in size, second largest island in Lake Constance)
  • most southwest city of Bavaria and district capital, which belongs to the administrative district of Swabia
  • located on the eastern shore of Lake Constance in the four-country region of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Tourism in Lindau

  • in 2022:
    • over 220,000 overnight visitor arrivals (2019: over 337,000 arrivals; 2021: over 220,000 arrivals)
    • just under 700,000 overnight stays (2019: just under 1 million overnight stays; 2021: over 695,000 overnight stays)
  • most southwest city of Bavaria and district capital, which belongs to the administrative district of Swabia
  • approx. 92% of guests come from Germany (2019: approx. 24% international guests, 2021: approx. 7 % international guests)

Places of interest on the island

Harbour entrance with the Bavarian Lion and New Lighthouse

  • at the request of the Bavarian King Maximilian II. particularly representative
  • Bavarian Lion: built in 1856, 6 metres high, 50 tons in weight, work of the Munich professor Johann von Halbig
  • Lighthouse: built from 1853 to 1856 built, 36 metres high, base circumference 24 metres, most southern lighthouse in Germany & only one in Bavaria


  • built in the 12th century as a signal and observation post, 20 metres high, was formerly only accessible via a wooden bridge
  • after the construction of the new lighthouse, it was given another floor and its colourful tiled roof

Old city hall at Bismarckplatz & MaximilianstraĂźe

  •  Old town hall: built in 1422 in Gothic style, magnificent facade designed by Josef Widmann from 1885 to 1887 – shows the Ten Commandments and various local motifs
  • Maximilian I invited to the Reichstag in 1496 in the wood-panelled council chamber
  • the former Imperial City Library is located on the ground floor
  • MaximilianstraĂźe: 230-metres-long, cobblestone pedestrian zone, lined with patrician houses with gable cranes, dormer windows and artistic wall and ceiling paintings

Oberer Schrannenplatz with Diebsturm and Peterskirche

  • Diebsturm: built around 1380 on the highest point of the island as a fortified tower, 35 metres high, temporarily used as a prison
  • St. Peter’s Church: over 1,000 years old, is dedicated to the patron saint of the fishermen who used to live at this site, shows extraordinary frescos from the decades before and after 1500, which are attributed to Hans Holbein the Elder, among others

“Haus zum Cavazzen” at the marketplace

  • baroque town house on the marketplace with a mighty hipped roof and fascinating facade painting
  • built in 1728/29 after a devastating city fire according to the plans of the Swiss architect Jakob Grubenmann.
  • houses the Lindau City Museum since 1930, and has been under renovation since autumn 2018


  •  forms the centre of the old town with the “Haus zum Cavazzen”, the square Neptune Fountain, the Protestant Church of St. Stephen and the Catholic Minster “Unserer Lieben Frau” (Our Lady)


  • great vantage point with a view of the Bregenz bank and a small bathing area
  • the name of the entrenchment (fortification) comes from the tannery, which used to lay out the skins to dry along the lake

Powder Tower on the Western Island

  • built in 1508 as part of the city wall at the westernmost point of the island
  • served as an observation tower, storage tower for the civil defence and around 1919 as the residence of the mayor of Lindau, Dr. Heinrich SchĂĽtzinger

Places of interest on the mainland

Bavarian Riviera with Lindenhofpark, museum “friedens räume” and baths

  • approx. six-kilometre-long stretch of bank with around 30 villas from the 19th and 20th centuries, built by the nobility and upper middle classes
  • in the middle of the 19th century, meadows and orchards were redesigned into a large landscape garden – today’s Lindenhofpark; old tree population, direct access to the lake
  • Museum “friedens räume” is located in the east wing of Villa Lindenhof – interactive occupation with the topic peace
  • both the Lindenhofbad and the art nouveau Bad Schachen are ideal places to escape the summer heat


  • generally mild and rather Mediterranean, in winter Lake Constance acts as a heat reservoir, in summer refreshing coolness due to sea breezes
  • optimal conditions for fruit and wine growing, which characterizes Lindaus hilly surroundings
  • numerous “exotic” plants such as palm trees, banana trees and magnolias thrive in the open air

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